Best Things To Do In Hot Springs

10 Best Things To Do In Hot Springs | Arkansas

Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a city with a lot of history, natural beauty, and endless fun. It’s no wonder why so many people visit this area every year. From historic buildings to park trails and more, there are plenty of things to do in Hot Springs! Want to book flights check out round trip flights for great offers and deals

Visit the Hot Spring,s National Park.

The Hot Springs National Park is located on the northern edge of Hot Springs and was established in 1832 as a military outpost to protect against Native American attacks. Today, it’s home to five historic bathhouses that date back to the late 19th century, an underground pool and spring water temperature of over 188 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius), and a beautiful lake view.

You can take guided tours of all three bathhouses—the Fordyce Bathhouse built in 1904, the Arlington Hotel & Spa constructed in 1878, and the Buckstaff Bathhouse built in 1928—and check out their swimming pools with fresh spring water temperatures ranging from 104 degrees F (40 C) to 110 F (43 C). After enjoying your time at this historical landmark, plan on spending a night or two there; there are plenty of hotels nearby if you don’t feel like traveling too far!

Take a trip to Garvan Woodland Gardens.

  • Take a trip to Garvan Woodland Gardens.
  • Who doesn’t love going on a hike in the woods? The scenery at this botanical garden will take your breath away and make you want to never leave.
  • It’s like being on your little adventure, without having to worry about getting lost in the wilderness or eating bugs for dinner. Plus, it’s free!

Garvan Woodland Gardens is beautiful year-round—but nothing compares with springtime in Hot Springs, with its blossoming flowers and lush greenery. If you’re passing through during these months, definitely stop by this garden so you can see why people have been visiting since 1924 (and keep coming back).

Relax at Oaklawn Racing and Gaming.

  • Oaklawn Racing and Gaming is the perfect place to relax and unwind. It’s a horse racing track that has been around since 1884.
  • The most thoroughbred races in the world are held at Oaklawn, with over 20,000 horses running annually on its dirt track. While you can watch a race there, it’s also fun just to walk through the facility, check out all of its histories and enjoy some southern hospitality!

Learn about the past at Architecture Museum.

Visit the Architecture Museum.

This is a great way to learn about the history of Hot Springs. It’s a museum all about architecture, but it has exhibits that go beyond just learning about what buildings looked like in the past. The Architecture Museum also offers exhibits on how people lived and worked during different periods in history. This can really help you understand what makes Hot Springs so unique!

Enjoy the view from Hot Springs Mountain Tower.

The Hot Springs Mountain Tower is a great place to get a 360-degree view of the city. The tower is open year-round and you can enjoy views from many different heights, depending on what you feel like doing.

If you’re not afraid of heights, the tower will take you up to the top of Hot Springs Mountain which at 1,462 feet is the highest point in the city. Enjoy views of beautiful Lake Ouachita as it stretches out before you below, or if there’s no time for that then just walk down through downtown and stop for lunch before heading back home again!

Experience ancient history at Mammoth Site.

The Mammoth Site is a great place to learn about Hot Springs history. It’s free to visit, and there are many exhibits about the history of Hot Springs, including one on the local Native Americans. Visitors can also see how fossils were found and studied in this area and how they changed our understanding of history. The site has a gift shop and museum, which are open year-round.

Test your luck at Magic Springs and Crystal Falls.

Magic Springs and Crystal Falls is one of the best theme parks in Arkansas. It’s a great place to spend the day with your family, and there are lots of fun things to do, like ride rides and play games. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a day, Magic Springs is worth checking out!

Magic Springs features more than 40 rides plus live shows, arcades, and dining options inside its 60 acres. Some of their most popular attractions include The Tornado roller coaster, which takes riders on an intense thrill ride; the Mystery Mine dark ride; the Lost River log flume; Southern Star Ferris wheel; Majic Jungle Zoo animal park; Fantasy Forest children’s playground; Splash Island waterpark (open weekends only); Mountain Speedway go-karts; Ozark Mountain Coaster triple-loop roller coaster (opening soon).

Enjoy beautiful artwork at Mid-America Science Museum.

If you’re looking for a place to take your kids during the week, consider visiting the Mid-America Science Museum. This science learning center is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and provides plenty of fun activities for children and adults alike.

The museum features exhibits ranging from the history of Hot Springs to dinosaurs and outer space. They also have special programs such as planetarium shows and hands-on activities such as tours where you can see how an airplane works or learn how a robot operates. The museum even has its planetarium that offers shows daily! If you want to learn more about astronomy, this is an option worth checking out!

Take a relaxing stroll through Anthony Chapel.

Anthony Chapel is a historic chapel in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was built in 1883 by the Presbyterian Church of the United States as a memorial to Reverend John Anthony, who had served as pastor of the church for 30 years. The chapel is named for him and today it still serves this function as a worship service venue.

The building has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since November 17, 1978.

Spend your day outside at Gulpha Gorge Campground.

Gulpha Gorge Campground is the perfect place to spend your day outside in Hot Springs. Located just a few miles from downtown Hot Springs, Gulpha Gorge Campground offers some of the best views of the city and surrounding mountains. There are several different campsites available at this campground and many include access to fire pits, picnic tables, and nearby parking areas.

The campground has great amenities for everyone including hiking trails, fishing spots, and even a swimming pool if you want to get refreshed after spending all day outdoors exploring! If you plan on staying overnight at Gulpha Gorge Campground make sure to bring food with you as there are no food vendors on site but we recommend stopping by The Original Pancake House when visiting downtown Hot Springs afterward! This guide will help answer any questions you may have about camping in Arkansas:

There are many things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas!

Here are some of the best things to do in Hot Springs:

  • Check out museums and art galleries. The community is home to the Arkansas Arts Center, which features contemporary works by local artists. It also has rotating exhibitions and workshops for kids. Other art museums include the Ouachita River Valley Museum, featuring photographs from the Civil War era; Colton’s Art Museum & Gallery, which showcases cultural artifacts from around the world; and Presley’s Country Jubilee, where you can see memorabilia from Elvis Presley’s life on display.
  • Visit historic sites like Bathhouse Row or Belle Starr Cave Caverns (the latter also offers tours). You can tour any one of these landmarks on foot or via trolley bus—or take a ride on an old-fashioned paddleboat at Lake Hamilton! If you’re looking for something more modern, check out Splash Mountain Water Park (which also has other themed attractions).
  • Enjoy nature! Hot Springs National Park preserves natural wonders such as thermal springs that have been used by Native Americans since prehistoric times; it even has its petting zoo! Another great place to see wildlife is Lake Catherine State Park where visitors often spot deer grazing along its shores as well as alligators swimming around its banks at dusk during mating season (in March/April).


Hot Springs is full of things to do, with outdoor adventures, historical sites, and much more. There are even some great options for those who want to get out of town and explore the surrounding areas. So if you’re looking for something fun to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas this summer—or any time of year!—be sure to check out our list above! Want to rent a car check out the best car rental deals for great offers and deals.

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