is massage gun safe during pregnancy

Is Massage Gun Safe During Pregnancy

Is massage gun safe during pregnancy?

Yes you can use! But only for particular parts of the body. Keep reading to learn which places to avoid and why.

During pregnancy, many postural changes appear in the body, testing the stability and alignment of the body. The body compensates with heavy work and pressure, becoming painful and stiff.

So massage seems to be a good option for reducing fatigue and muscle tension. If you are planning to use massage or are already familiar with it, you can. I want to know how good it is for you during pregnancy. As a physical therapist, I will answer this question based on my clinical experience and available research data.

Can you use a massager gun while pregnant?

A study conducted at the University of Miami Medical School, it was confirmed that massage during pregnancy is very healthy. It produces hormones like dopamine and serotonin. These hormones reduce anxiety and depression and improve sleep quality. Massage is relaxing and can help with problems such as back pain and sciatica that are common in pregnant women. It also gives a good overall feel.

You can use a deep-tissue massage gun while pregnant on specific areas of the body

Electric massager gun can be used to massage the shoulders, especially the soft trapezius muscles head (muscle).
It can also be used for the upper back, which is also the most tired area during pregnancy. On the neck, it can only be used on the back, not on the throat or the front of the neck.
Even in these safe places, the massage gun can only be used for short periods of time because prolonged use can do more harm than good.

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