Unearthing Hidden Gems of Patterns and Prints for Summer Wear

Unearthing Hidden Gems of Patterns and Prints for Summer Wear

Beyond Floral Prints: Unearthing Hidden Gems of Patterns and Prints for Summer Wear

Patterns and prints have always been crucial elements in the world of fashion. They add visual interest and personality to your outfits. While floral prints have long been associated with summer wear, there is a treasure trove of other captivating patterns and prints waiting to be discovered. From tropical prints in casual summer clothing to the use of motif patterns in luxury pret Pakistan, there are several hidden gems of patterns and prints for summer wear. Let’s explore them in detail. 

Popular Summer Prints and Patterns

Before talking about the lesser-known prints, let’s discuss the classics. Floral prints have remained a staple of summer fashion. Flowers are a symbol of joy and pleasure, and wearing floral prints brings color and femineity to the dresses. However, there are several other bewitching prints and patterns for you to try this summer.  

Stripes and Nautical Prints

You can embrace a maritime vibe with stripes and nautical prints. Look stylish on both land and sea with this style. 

Tropical and Exotic Prints 

From palm trees to jungle birds, tropical and exotic prints can effortlessly brighten up your wardrobe. Additionally, you can wear an all-tropical outfit or pair it with a monochrome wardrobe item. 

Geometric and Abstract Patterns

Geometric and abstract patterns are not only visually appealing but also provide a range of pairing opportunities. Be bold and boost your night look with geometric prints. 

Animal Prints and Motifs Patterns

Who doesn’t like leopard prints? Wear a neutral-colored animal print top to perfectly complement the warm weather. Besides, they are also a great choice for daytime dressing. 

Polka Dots 

If you are waiting to wear a polka-dot outfit, summer is the perfect time for it. They add a chic vibe to your overall dress. 

Unconventional Summer Prints and Patterns 

Everyone wears these summer prints and patterns, and undoubtedly, they look beautiful. However, there are many other patterns and prints that are unpopular and daring. Let’s venture beyond the mainstream and uncover the hidden gems of summer prints and patterns. 


Tie-dye is the ultimate modish look and can make a boring t-shirt chic and trendy. Add a twist to your light color outfits with classic tie-dye fashion. 


Give a bohemian, kind, relaxed look to your outfit with paisley prints. The designs are flexible and versatile. They are a major part of contemporary fashion nowadays. 


Look glamorous and summer ready with stylish Ikat fabrics. With blurry prints and abstract designs, Ikat is one of the most evergreen fabrics. The core fabric used in the production of Ikat is mostly silk and cotton. Moreover, the fabric is vibrant and looks good in both traditional and non-traditional clothing.

Art Inspired Prints 

From watercolor effects to fascinating collages, art-inspired prints can transform your dull wardrobe into an exciting one. Furthermore, they contribute to the perfect summer look, and you can accessorize them with earrings, sunglasses and hats. 

Tribal and Ethnic Prints 

Freshen up your basic wardrobe with alluring tribal and ethnic prints. Many designers incorporate some aspects of tribal and ethnic prints to enhance their outfits looks. Whether you are wearing tribal print clothes or accessorizing feathered earrings, they offer a range of options to style from azadi sale on these prints.

Styling Tips for Summer Prints 

Prints catch your attention instantly, especially when dressed aptly. However, it is not easy to style prints and patterns. Here are a few tips and tricks to rock your summer prints like a pro. 

  • Start with classic, simple prints
  • Try to choose prints from the single-color palette. 
  • Pair prints with neutral colors 
  • Add accessories like belts and scarves
  • Denim is versatile. Use it for a chic look
  • Pair prints with the same base color
  • Wear a traditional printed kurta with draped pants
  • Choose different print sizes for the top and bottom
  • Use similar shades in different pairs

 Sustainable and Ethical Considerations 

Sustainable and ethical fashion allows the industry the maximum benefit with minimal environmental impact. Therefore, when embracing prints and patterns, it is crucial to consider sustainability and ethics. 

  • Choose eco-friendly and ethically made prints 
  • Support local artisans and traditional craftsmanship
  • Upcycle and repurpose printed garments 
  • Pick linen and modal scarves
  • Wash patterns using cold water to reduce energy consumption
  • Buy organic and renewable fibers


Floral prints have been the front-runner for summer clothes for a couple of years now. However, it is now time to explore the hidden gems of summer prints and patterns and charm others with your unique style and fashion. Try adding polka dots, exotic and tribal prints, animal prints, and paisley to your outfits. Moreover, make sure to consider sustainability and ethics when choosing prints and patterns. Happy styling!

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