How to Complaint Against Online Shopping

How to Complaint Against Online Shopping Frauds

If you are looking to file a complaint of online shopping fraud, then you’re on the right place. We will help you how to deal with a bad experience in online shopping. You can easily register your complaints in consumer court for online shopping fraud.

You do not need a lawyer to file a complaint, procedure for filing a complaint in the consumer court is that when you receive a defective/ wrong item and company refuses to replace it or doesn’t respond to customer service contact phone/email, You have to follow below-mentioned steps to register complaints.

Know how to complaint against online shopping

1. Send business owners 15 days after the date of purchase, collect all the details of the follow-up you do in past days of the issue was raised (take pictures for the notification process) sending the notification is mandatory.

2. If they don’t listen to the complaint, you have to go to the consumer court in the local court, bring the notices of phone or emails you send to company, tcs certificate of sending item back, confirmation of receipt, and product invoice and all the documents related to you. And get the documents (the notaries in the civil court will pay between 500 and 1000 to write a complaint, ask them to include all the invoices, documents and conversations or notices you send to a company, TCS receipts, and attachments) and check in under the stream.

3. Go to the local court information window, they will direct you to the court where your client will be answerable, file the complaint at the court office, stay there because the judge will want to make a summary judgment. When the judge says its ok, court will create a notice and license for the company which you will send from TCS and give you a court date.

4. On the first day of the trial, their lawyer will come and ask you to submit your complaint which you will bring on the day it is given to you.

5. The next day, the officials will come and the judge will ask you both to argue the matter and if the argument fails, the evidence part will begin where you will stand in the witness box and present all the evidence. . Their lawyer will ask you questions, the same process will be done for the company and they will be asked questions, then the judge will keep the court date, they will give their decision, which will replace your income if you win. may appear. Company. Pay thousands in the pool. Note that the deadline for file submission is 30 days from the date the defect was discovered or rejected and as soon as you become aware of the defect. Send notice (images attached) which is 15 days and immediately 15 days are over. File the complaint/suit in consumer court.

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