how to avoid online shopping fraud

How to avoid Online Shopping Fraud

As online shopping grows exponentially around the world after covid, so are the risk of fraud is also increased. Fraudsters have come up with several techniques to trick online shoppers. Many consumers have been victims of online shopping scams and have lost thousands of rupees. Online shopping scams include websites selling counterfeit products, identity theft, phishing, and more. In this blog, we will discuss how to avoid online shopping fraud /scams.

1. Research About Seller Before Shop

Most of the best deals are available online and many people shop online only to avail these exclusive offers. But, you should be very careful while shopping from an unknown online shopping store or website. Many fake online shopping website have cheated thousands of online shoppers in the name of offers. Many fake websites pretend to be reputed retailer websites. Make sure the website or online store on which you are going to shop is trusted.

Take a close look at the contact details of the website. Fake websites usually do not provide their contact information or give false information. Also read reviews and their online presence on social media.

2. Check the website is Secure by SSL

The URL of the online shopping website must start from HTTPS. This indicates that the website is secured and ensures payments made by you are safe. It is advisable to shop only on a secured website and avoid shopping on an unsecured website.

3. Be a smart shopper

You must be very smart while shopping online to be safe from scams. Don’t just place the order by looking at the offers. Before purchasing any product, read the complete details on the product and also go through the refund policy. Some products are non-returnable and in some cases, you have to bear the cost of returning the product.

4. Avoid to Connect with Public Wifi

Many people prefer connecting to a public Wi-Fi. It is not a good idea to connect to public Wi-Fi while shopping online, as entering any personal or financial information on public Wi-fi is not safe.

5. Make Sure if the offer is from Trusted seller

People are more interested in offers and cashbacks. Many online portals are using this trick to attract customers. But, if an unknown e-commerce company is providing offers which are too good to be true, you have to think on them as it could be a scam.

6. Beware of phishing

Phishing emails are sent by online fraudsters and look exactly like emails sent by a genuine company. In case you receive a mail luring you with attractive offers, be careful because clicking on unfamiliar links can put you at risk of malware or identity theft. Be careful while clicking ads on social media.

7. Look at the review of the company

Before purchasing any product from an unknown online shopping portal, make sure to check the reviews. If there are many bad reviews against the company, there are high chances that the website might be selling fake products.

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