How To Put In Ear Plugs With These 5 Style Hacks

How To Put In Ear Plugs With These 5 Style Hacks

How to insert ear plugs is a concern that looks comparatively smaller but is undoubtedly one of those that can make your life difficult at times. While using it, most people find out that the earplugs are either falling out of their ears or they are so small that they move in completely.

Difficulties as such can be frustrating and unnecessary and are problems one can easily avoid. While traveling or when relaxing alone, earplugs can be the best answer to your solitude as they can block any sound that can lead to disturbances you want to avoid while resting.

Additionally, style them appropriately using these little ear plugs style hacks:

  • Wear the same color ear plugs as your dress
  • Cover them with hats or long capes.
  • Try wearing them in such a way that they don’t peep out from your ear canal
  • Cover them with your hairs

But this is not enough, wearing the right one is of utmost importance. Remember, it’s always the right size that matters as every ear canal is not of the same size.

If there are issues with your ear plug and you are wondering how to put on ear plugs, reading this article can shed some light on the matter at hand, urgent but not important. With so many desirable ways to pierce your ears, the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing which cartilage piercing to get.

Wax earplugs moldable in nature

Wax ear plugs are an easy solution and numerous brands are already selling these varieties in the market. If you wish to know how to insert these earplugs, you might want to read ahead.

  • Most of the earplugs come wrapped in soft cotton and all you have to do is peel off the cotton from the wax molds slowly.
  • After peeling off the cotton, you will have to hold these wax molds in your hand for a minimum of 40 seconds.
  • Once you press them in your palms, the body heat will soften them and you will almost feel the process of softening.
  • After they are soft just shape them according to the size of your ear canal and then place them inside.
  • These kinds of earplugs can be the best hack when on a long flight or ahead of a long night.

Foam Earplugs are another option

Foam earplugs are an altogether different option. To know how to put these earplugs all you have to do is wash your hands, and clean off the dirt and sweat as foam can easily catch the dirt in your hands.

After cleaning the dirt from your hands, press the earplugs with your fingers or between your hands. They will roll off and wriggle like a snake and in this compressed state, place them within your ear. Due to their expandable nature, they will expand within your ear canals and will block the sound and air from entering them.

Previously molded earplugs

These are readymade ones and come in many sizes. If you want to find the best fit, buy a few for yourself and see what fits you best. How to use earplugs? The ones that fit you best among them can be used again after cleaning them regularly after use. If the ear plug does not fit in after one use, you might have to change them. These go inside your ears and will be barely visible on the outside and they will also be your size so you won’t have any trouble with them.

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Soft silicone molds

These are already performed molds that can adjust to your ear’s size and realign themselves to reduce the sound to 27 decibels.

  • Washable
  • Foldable
  • BPA free
  • Hypoallergenic in nature.
  • They are barely visible and the best part is they sit right into your ear canal which is hard to spot.

DIY earplugs

Make your 14k gold earrings out of whatever seems to fit into your ears better. Saturate cotton balls with a lot of wax and press them within your palms to soften them. This way you can create your DIY earplug that would be as efficient in blocking the sound as much as any regular earplug.

If you really want to know how to put ear plugs in you must find out the right ear plugs for yourself. There is no technique to place the wrong earplugs into our ear canals in the right way. The right ear plugs will thus be the ones that get into your ear canals and sit tight right there.

Here are a few style hacks whereby you will be using earplugs different from the regular ones that will significantly reduce the problems most people complain about when using them. No proper plugging for water, air and sound and not the right size are the most persistent issues that get resolved with the suggested earplugs. Additionally, the hacks are stylish to wear and do ever not go with your style.

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