Popular Types of Door Styles in the UK

Popular Types of Door Styles in the UK

Doors are an essential part of both residential and commercial establishments. They define the beauty and charm of a space, prevent outdoor noise from entering inside the room, prevent strangers from entering the premise, and create privacy. In the UK, modern-day doors are available in a wide variety of materials and styles. Hence, homeowners get ample opportunities to choose an ideal door for their home.

However, sometimes it may be overwhelming for homeowners to pick one out of a hundred choices, particularly when someone is unaware of the features and functionality of the available door styles. Don’t worry if you are one of them since we have come up with this blog explaining the different varieties of door styles available in the UK fenestration market, especially in Northern Ireland. The list is quite long with the first position acquired by patio doors in Northern Ireland.

Keep reading to know the most popular types of door styles available and preferred by homeowners in Northern Ireland.

  • Patio Doors

Although inherited from traditional Japanese sliding doors, modern patio doors feature better aesthetics and functionality. These doors were actually a result of modernist design influence which majorly grew popular after the war in the UK. However, unlike Japanese sliding doors that feature paper coverings, patio sliding doors comprise glass sheets. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also improves the functionality of the doors.

Patio doors are usually placed on the back side of houses to build a connection between the living room and the garden area. It gives a clear view of the outside space while sitting on a couch in the living room. But, that’s not the only purpose of using patio doors. In fact, they can be used inside the house to divide large spaces or used as bathroom doors in compact spaces. So, if you are in search of a modern multi-functional door for your home, choose patio doors in Northern Ireland!

  • French Doors

French doors are nothing but a pair of doors incorporating glazed panels that open outwards from the center without a central spirelet. These doors are the best fit for the entrance of a house as they allow large openings along with an extravagant visual appeal. They add class and beauty to buildings regardless of whether it’s a traditional or contemporary construction. French doors were actually designed in the 17th century during the Renaissance in France.

They were initially used as interior doors to flood more light into the room and enjoy unobstructed views of the outside area. However, unlike patio doors that can be placed in compact spaces, French doors require enough space to open in an arc outwards. Besides, they also need a door wedge or stop to prevent the door from banging in high winds. Given all information, you can choose French doors if you want to add some class and elegance to your property.

  • Bifold Doors

Although folding doors are available for a long time, Bifold doors in Northern Ireland gained popularity only over the last two decades. These contemporary designed doors comprise panels folding and sliding along a horizontal track placed against the wall. The history states that the concept of bifold doors was initially disclosed in the Pompeii excavations and then brought to the UK by Romans. Technically, wooden folding doors were heavily used as garage or stable doors in the UK for several years.

But, modern-day advanced bifold doors come with contemporary designs and glazed glass panels. When opened, these doors allow homeowners to get a view of the outside space or garden area. These doors are even found to be used in kitchens and glasshouses these days. So, if you want to extend your living area or garden space from inside to outside, opt for Bifold doors in Northern Ireland.

  • Panel Doors

One of the most common and popular door styles available, UK homeowners usually buy these doors for both interior and exterior door purposes. Although panel doors feature traditional looks and designs, you can get them customized with the right finish to match your modern home decor, budget, and door requirements. These doors resemble classic wooden door designs that come with framed panels in numerous variations and layouts.

While the frames of panel doors are made up of wood, their shutter panels incorporate glass, hardboard, or plywood enclosure to promote enhanced aesthetics.  You will find several panel interior doors for modern homes in the UK market. Standard whole panel, three-panel, or five-panel inserts are the most popular panel doors among the rest.

  • Bottom Line

Whether constructing a new property or remodeling the existing one, choosing the right type of doors can elevate the look of your building to a great extent. Hence, look through all the door options, their features, and functionality before picking Fench, Panel, Patio, or Bifold doors in Northern Ireland.

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