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Valley of Flowers Trek Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction.
  • How do I reach?
  • Important note.
  • Essentials Required.
  • The most ideal time to go is the moment you visit.
  • Details.
  • Conclusion.

Introduction to Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flower Trek is an iconic trek in the magnificent Himalayas that lies in the northeastern portion of India. It is also believed to be the most ancient trek in India since it was first proposed in the year 1980 by the Government of India in the form of it was the Valley of Flowers National Park, however, in 2002, it was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site which resulted in the formation of a plethora of trekkers who have joined the Valley of Flowers trek. The difficulty of the trek is moderate and requires specific training to climb there.

Its Valley of Flowers trek provides a wide variety of flowers. As when you’re able to view the entire range of blooms with a variety of different sizes, colors shapes, and fragrances that are visible throughout the stunning summit. The beautiful meadows, the different snowy cliffs, and the distant greenery mountains will have you gazing at them many times. The fog and mist make the scenery more intriguing than ever. Also, the fog and mist make it more fascinating than ever. Valley of Flowers National park is located in Uttarakhand and is one of the freshest biospheres in India.


  • Trek Type: Moderate
  • The height is 14,400 feet.
  • Location – Uttarakhand

How to get in touch

The terrain is real and raw, and this is the reason why it is more difficult for hikers to traverse it. There are numerous trips up to Govindahat from Delhi which is about 500km away by reversing a few strides and a few steps. The journey is from Delhi to Haridwar/Dehradun(by trains, buses, or flights),

Then, from Haridwar/Dehradun to Joshimath which is 300kms away. It could be reached in 10 hours with public transportation( taxi). Then, you can go toward Govindahat from Joshimath which is around 20kms and is covered in 45mins.

We’ll now take a look at the actual route of the trek starting from the starting point.

  • Route A(Budget option) The trek location is approximately 4 km long and can be completed easily by walking or taking jeeps or taxis. After completing the trek, the location starts at Ghangaria that’s 11km approximately. Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers trek is 5 km. Ghangaria from Valley of Flowers trek is only 5kms away. You can reach it easily on foot. Porters are also available.
  • Route B (splurge option) from Govindahat to Ghangaria via (helicopter) and then from Ghangaria to VOF hike through (walking) or Porters.

Important Note

  • Numerous porters are available for hire at the trek site and it’s easy to walk the trail with ease.
  • Hotels are also available in Ghangaria which allows you to send your backpacks to you by mules.
  • You must get permission to proceed on to the Valley of Flowers trek from the department of the forest. (For India, it charges 150 INR and for foreigners, it costs 600 INR or more) on the counter at which you purchase tickets. Once you have purchased your ticket validity of the ticket is three days.
  • Night Camping in valleys isn’t permitted.
  • As a result, visitors must depart and return before 5 pm.

Essential items needed for the hike

  • Two or three liters of water bottles are required.
  • The ID card you carry.
  • Trekking shoes or Hiking shoes.
  • Backpacks that can carry additional clothes as well as water bottles and woolen clothes in case of emergency.
  • Foods with high calories and healthy snacks or lunches are essential.
  • Plastics that protect electronic devices from rain and snow
  • First aid ( tablets for pain relief motion sickness tablets, antiseptic liquid, cotton bandages, and more).

The best time to go to Valley of Flowers

Each year, a breathtaking blooming spectacle can be seen in the high mountains of Himalayan meadows. the blooms begin to appear in July and continue to bloom until August. Since the valley isn’t affected beyond December until the flowers will be blooming with gorgeous colors and aromas that make the views superior to other trek destinations.


Valley of flowers trek might be the ideal choice for your trek because it is a blend of luxury, adventure, and fresh experiences you’ll ever get within the realm of Himalayan adventures. What are you waiting to do? Say yes now and make your way to the top trekking spot in Uttarakhand. Hope this post will help you learn more about the Valley of Flowers trek in the Himalayas.

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